Heroes Grossout: Claire's Toe and Peter's Chest

We're learning more of the deep backstory on Heroes — there were superpowered mutants back in Feudal Japan, for example, and Mama Petrelli was naughty enough in her youth to piss off a Big Bad-style supermutant who now wants revenge. But let's face it. The big standouts from last night's episode were two grossout scenes involving heroic body parts. Claire gets it into her head that she's a lizard and can regrow her limbs. So she cuts off her little toe with a pair of scissors, only to discover that YES she can regrow it (though she can't regrow nail polish — dang). Meanwhile Peter is trapped in an alternate reality full of Irish people and must go around half-naked and wet. Nobody wants to see that, and thankfully he uses his super-powers to find a flannel shirt.


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Kevin Pratt

Speak for yourself, I personally found Peter's new look quite nice. Could be a gay guy's guy vs. a woman's man thing.