One of the more uneven subplots in the second season of NBC's mutant soap Heroes involves time-master Hiro traveling back to feudal Japan, tangling with a white samurai, and falling in love with a lady. To keep the space-time continuum intact, Hiro has to bring the white samurai and the lady together. So he's kept his cross-temporal lust under wraps. But last night, the floodgates opened.

The result? A scene that is both cool and slightly maniacal, with Hiro shutting time on and off and worrying about paradoxes before kissing his lover. Of course the samurai sees their cheatin' ways, and all kinds of time-mangling events are about to be unleashed. Meanwhile, in other subplots, unbreakable cheerleader Claire found herself trapped in a plot from the movie Heathers and mega-mutant Peter is trying to find poutine in Montreal. So let's focus on the kissing for now. The kiss that fractured time.

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