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Pushing Daisies may be dead, but that doesn't mean that producer Bryan Fuller isn't looking out for the stars of his former show. In fact, one of them is about to show up on Heroes.


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Swoosie Kurtz - who played Chuck's Aunt (no spoilers here) Lily Charles in Pushing Daisies - will be appearing in the NBC show's "Fugitives" arc in a role created especially for her by Fuller. Kurtz will be playing Millie, "an old society friend of Angela Petrelli's," according to the site's Michael Ausiello.

(This isn't Chuck's first aunt to make an appearance on Heroes; Ellen Greene, Daisies' Vivian Charles, was Sylar's foster mother Virginia Gray, in the show's first season.)


If we can't have another season or several of Pushing Daisies, then we'll happily watch as Fuller brings more and more of the cast to his new superhuman home. After all, there's no way that a little bit of Chi McBride wouldn't make Heroes much more watchable, and who doesn't want to see more of Anna Friel? What would be even better would be if Fuller just whole-heartedly brought Lee Pace over to the show as a neurotic piemaker who can bring the dead back to life, but that way bad fan-fic lies.

That said, if you happen to be reading, Mr. Fuller? You know it'd be awesome.

Exclusive: 'Heroes' stages 'Pushing Daisies' reunion! []

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