Heroes Aims For Quality Over Quantity, But Will We Get Either?

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NBC has announced the fourth season of Heroes will be substantially shorter than the third, and one of the show's stars is already applauding the move.


After an interminable twenty-five episode season that has faced widespread criticism for being rambling and aimless (and just generally being not terribly watchable), Heroes will only make eighteen to twenty episodes in its fourth season. NBC hopes this will allow the show to focus its storylines and, in the process, recapture its initial ratings success.

Adrian Pasdar, who plays Nathan Petrelli on the show, is already on record in support of NBC's decision:

"If things start shifting around, they can always add more at the end, but doing 25 episodes this year was nearly 11 months of work," Pasdar told TVGuide.com. "We love the work, but in order for the quality to be maintained, you can't just keep grinding it out.

"The pacing will be a little better - we were sometimes shooting three episodes at once, and there's no way that something doesn't slip through the cracks," Pasdar said. "It just gets crazy."

Coupled with the return of Bryan Fuller, whose five episodes back in charge of the show have produced some promising highs and some worrying lows, this news gives more cause for cautious optimism that Heroes might yet hoist itself out of the massive hole the show has spent the last two seasons digging. I'm not sure that's even possible at this point, but at least Heroes finally seems to be moving in the right direction.

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Here are my predictions:

1. Full-time Bryan Fuller with a focused, shorter season is going to result in Season 4 being as good as or even better than Season 1.

2. io9ers will still complain about it.