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Hero father paints Doctor Who Adventure Time mural for daughter's wall

Illustration for article titled Hero father paints emDoctor Who Adventure Time/em mural for daughters wall

The creator of Wookie the Chew, and a multitude of additional wondrous works of art, James Hance, painted this on his daughter's wall. We are so jealous.


The mashup debuted first on his Facebook page:

I've just finished an "Adventure Timey-Wimey" mural on my 9yr old daughter, Maddy's room It's 5ft x 4ft-ish, acrylic paint on... well, wall! She had the idea for an Adventure Time / Doctor Who crossover, and had all the characters mapped out (You can see where I get my ideas from!) She's given me the okay to translate the design into print / tee form so I can share it with you, probably some time next week

It's really just so clever and well thought out, and we're continually surprised at this artist's ability to change up and adapt his style. A print is available on Hance's official site. Well done.

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a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.


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James Hance