Usually, local TV stations aren't a reputable source for major superhero movie scoops. But it seems one Michigan TV news station may have managed to confirm a major character in Batman V. Superman! Or not. Who the hell knows?

Let's start with the spoiler itself: Michigan's WILX reporter Kirk Montgomery is happy to confirm Batman will indeed have a Robin in BvS, presumably to be played by Jena Malone (who's been rumored to have been playing a Dark Knight Returns' Carrie Kelly-ish role previously).


Of course, the reporter could have also looked at one of the many websites that have previously portrayed the Jena Malone/Carrie Kelly/Robin rumor as fact, and assumed it was true. The only reason that this random Michigan news report has any credibility is because Batman V. Superman is currently filming a scene at the Michigan State University campus (you can watch the report here) and the reporter seems to have found an extra on the set willing to break his verrrry expensive non-disclosure agreement with Warner Bros for some reason. Maybe he's the one who told the reporter about Robin. It's certainly possible.

It's also super-weird, though. How did the news station convinced this guy to speak at all? If this guy wanted to spill a major secret, why didn't he go to Ain't It Cool or some other sites instead of the local NBC affiliate? And why would he agree not only to appear on camera at all — even with his face hidden and his voice modulated — but also to announce he was breaking his NDA? He's basically taunting WB, and I have to imagine that WB would quite happily spend a few million to hire some investigators to figure out his identity, if only to show all the other extras they've hired that they mean business with their NDAs. They almost have to sue this guy, or everyone is going to feel safe leaking everything on the movie. Right?

Anyways, Batfleck and Lady Robin. Or not. You make the call.