Here's Your First Look at Vin Diesel as Valiant's Bloodshot, Who Conveniently Looks a Lot Like Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, or Ray Garrison. Or...both!?
Photo: Valiant

Your first look at Bloodshot is here, and, well, it’s a picture of Vin Diesel. In sunglasses!

Valiant has officially revealed (via Diesel’s Instagram) the first look at Sony Pictures’ attempt to bring the publisher’s comics universe to the big screen in the vein of your Marvels and your DCs and what have you. The picture publicly unveils our first official look at Vin Diesel in character as Ray Garrison, better known as the former soldier turned nanite-infused superhero Bloodshot...


Basically. Again, it’s pretty much just a picture of Vin Diesel in some shades. And that’s it?

Given the military uniform, this is presumably Ray before he’s infused with nanites, leading to him getting the pale-white skin and blood-red eyes most Bloodshot fans will know the character as having. So for now, this might as well just be every other picture of Vin Diesel we already have.

Hopefully this is just a sign we’ll get a better picture of Bloodshot as we actually primarily know him soon. Bloodshot is currently set to hit theaters in 2020.


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