Here's Your First Look at the Newest Cards in Star Wars Card Trader

Warning! This article contains highly addictive content. The last time we wrote about the Topps app Star Wars Card Trader, tons of people told me I got them hooked, and I think that’s going to happen again because we’ve got some huge news.

We’ve got your exclusive first looks at almost every single new Marathon set coming soon in the digital card trading app. Marathon sets are digital cards that are released one per week over the course of 30 weeks and, at each interval of 10, a special award card is given in addition to an extra special one at the end. (If you want to learn more about the app and why it’s so fun, read this.)


A few weeks back, the first group of marathons finished and now Topps is kicking off a whole new round. Call it Star Wars Card Trader Phase 2—some old favorites, like the newly designed Widevision (above) Vintage (below) are back, as well as a few new ones, like Making Of, Film Quotes and one more that’s TBA.

Here’s how it’s going to break down. The sets will start on these dates and continue for 30 weeks each.

  • 11/26 – Vintage Series 2
  • 11/27 – Film Quote Friday
  • 11/28 – Widevision Series 2
  • 11/29 – Topps Choice Series 2
  • 11/30 – Making Of
  • 12/1 – Fan’s Choice
  • 12/2 – Marathon TBD

“One thing that we are really focusing on with this new wave of marathons is release consistency, and making sure that everyday fans have a new marathon card to chase,” Topps Digital producer Ian Hundiak told io9. “That’s part of the reason we took the break we did between marathon sets.” Also, there may or may not be even rarer awards giving for holding the old marathon series in addition to the new ones, but you won’t need the old ones to start these.


“The hits were clear,” Hundiak continued when asked about why these are the new sets. “People loved Vintage and Widevision, so bringing those back was a no-brainer for us. Fan’s Choice was also something we wanted to keep, because it’s important to us that fans have a set that they have a direct say in. Film Quote Fridays was a set that we’ve wanted to introduce for awhile now. For one, the first non-marathon Film Quotes set was super well received. Also, there are so many amazing and memorable quotes from the Star Wars saga that we needed a large set to encompass all of our favorites. Some of the other marathons, like Making Of, for example, are natural evolutions from previous sets.”


One of the biggest changes this time around is that Topps Choice will focus on “really deep cut” characters, an idea that was used a little during the first phase but changed toward the end. Here’s an example.


Of course, Topps will still release more and more cards in addition to these. Hundiak offered two particularly big teases in addition to all of the info above.

“December 18 is gonna be huge for us,” he said. “Some BIG drops coming.” He also added: “The new year is right around the corner, and there is a reason all of your base cards say ‘2015 Edition.’ I HIGHLY suggest you stock up on base cards now.”


You can download Topps’ Star Wars Card Trader at this link, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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