Here's Your First Look at the New Power Rangers Movie Suits

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We’ve seen the new teenagers with attitude in their civilian looks already, but finally, we get to see what this new cinematic take on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers looks like post-transformation. They look like Tony Stark designed them.

Revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning, the suits try to keep some of the traditional elements of the classic Ranger costumes—the animal-shaped helmets, the classic colors have thankfully not been muted—but then blended with the armored look that has been popularized in costume design by the school of Stark Industries. Weirdly enough, they have more in common with the armored suits from the first MMPR movie than the original show.


Also, what the hell is up with the boob-plating on Trini and Kimberly? That seems... a bit much. But at least these, unlike Rita’s design, feel a little more Power Rangers-y.

The Power Rangers movie is due to release March 24th, 2017.

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The Homework Ogre

I’m just glad they added boobs and heels to the girls so we all know who to appropriately sexualize.