Here's Your First Look at the Final Season of Game of Thrones, and Watchmen Too

The Mother of Dragons has made it to Winterfell.
The Mother of Dragons has made it to Winterfell.
Photo: HBO

While movies and TV shows were getting awards during the Golden Globes, HBO dropped the first footage of their two biggest genre properties of 2019: Game of Thrones and Watchmen.

Here they are, buried in this longer spot.

I mean, obviously, both are super brief, but there are some cool looks at the new antiheroes of Watchmen and obviously an incredibly huge moment in Westeros.


HBO also released these two stills from Watchmen.

An early look at Watchmen.
An early look at Watchmen.
Photo: HBO
Another image from Watchmen.
Another image from Watchmen.
Photo: HBO

We’ll have much more on these shows soon.

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Craig Michael Ranapia

Well. this is going to be a super-awkward extended family reunion at Winterfell.

“Your Grace.”

“Lady Stark.”


“Actually, I’m your cousin.”


“She’s my aunt.”


“And we’re fucking...”

“Why does that not surprise me?”

[Awkward pause.]

“Lady Stark?”

“Your Grace?”

“May I Introduce The Hand of The Queen, Tyrion...”

“... I know who he is. Technically, I think we’re still married.”

“’Sup wife?”

“Don’t even start...”

“Who’s that really angry looking little boy over there cutting a prisoner’s face off?”

“My sister, Your Grace. It’s a really long story.”

[Awkward pause.]

“Anyone else want to go get horrendously shit-faced? Winterfell’s liquor supply is at your disposal.”