You might have already heard about I am a Hero, Kengo Hanazawa’s spectacular ongoing manga set in the zombie apocalypse, hailed as manga’s take on The Walking Dead. Now, not only is Dark Horse bringing the series to US for the first time, io9 has an exclusive first look!

I am a Hero follows a former manga artist-turned-temp Hideo Suzuki, who’s banal life is shattered when Japan falls to the living dead—zombies that are sort of a mix between your typical shambling undead and the raged-out hordes of 28 Days Later, and can even remember fragments of their former lives as humans. As one of thefew licensed gun owners in the country, Hideo finds himself thrust into the position of leading a group of tattered survivors through the deteriorating remains of Japanese society.


The series has reached great acclaim in Japan, and is even being turned into a live-action movie, but the manga hasn’t been officially available in the US—until now. Dark Horse is releasing the first two volumes of the manga (there are 18 so far) in a single trade paperback this April. And here’s our 11-page preview of what fans can expect when Japan’s dead rise:

I am a Hero Omnibus: Volume One hits store shelves April 6th.