Beginning March 23, a collection of movie props sculpted by the FXSMITH Studio hits the auction block, including the cybernetic dolphin from Johnny Mnemonic! And the suggested prices are eminently reasonable!

The FXSMITH team, lead by Gordon Smith and a collection of Canada's most-talented sculptors (including the amazing Evan Penny) are jettisoning old stock through Waddington's, a Canadian auction house.

The collection features props from Jacob's Ladder, Mimic, X-Men, Face/Off, Graveyard Shift, Near Dark, the short-lived Total Recall 2070 television series, and the 1994 Thora Birch-Harvey Keitel joint, Monkey Trouble.

For those with more esoteric tastes, the auction also includes a number of designer corpses, including an array of smoldering skeletons from Legends of the Fall, a plane crash victim from Alive, a pile of severed ears from Salvador, and a full assemblage of murder weapons from the 1986 killer-in-a-Victorian-diving-suit slasher film, Killer Party. X-Files fans may also note, thrill, or quiver at a "scientific device" from Syfy's original picture, Threshold, starring Nicholas "Krycek" Lea.

Check out some of the crazier pieces below!

A Francis Bacon-inspired meat wall with dog snout from Jacob's Ladder.


A replica dummy of Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy in Face/Off!

This bat-creature from Graveyard Shift!


Ray Park's prosthetic tongue from X-Men!

A "science device" from Threshold!


Roach wings from Mimic!

Exposed brains and medical scissors from Total Recall 2070.


All the murder weapons from Killer Party.

A few unfortunates from Legends of the Fall.


A gas mask from K-19: The Widowmaker

A plane crash victim from Alive!


Go here to see the rest of the collection. Happy bidding!