Here's Why More Writers Should Randomly Live-Tweet Their Own Movies

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The writer of wry time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed, Derek Connolly, took to Twitter last night to offer running commentary on his film ... and it kind of made us love the movie even more.


There were jokes ...


There was trivia ...

And there was #realtalk.


(But don't feel too bad for the guy ... as you'll recall, Connolly and Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow co-write Jurassic World, with Trevorrow directing. So yeah.)

Via Superpunch.

Image via Collider.


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Platypus Man

Anyone think that this is the future of director's commentary? Instead of, like, turning on a voice commentary track in the movie, you go to an app or website that has livetweets synced to your current position in the movie.

But yeah, very good movie. Going in I didn't think it was going to be nearly as good as it ended up being. And honestly I love Aubrey Plaza, but it was nice seeing some serious stuff thrown in with her usual thing.