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Here's Why Marvel's Inhumans Live on the Moon

Marvel’s Inhumans debuts on the small screen tonight, but one important detail looks to have been left out of the show (at least for now): Why do the Inhumans live on the moon? io9's latest video explains why Black Bolt and Medusa moved to the Blue Side of the Moon, and short version? it’s because regular humanity sucks.


The story about the Inhumans’ lunar relocation was covered in 1982's Fantastic Four #240 by John Byrne, Glynis Wein, and Jim Novak. In the issue, the Inhumans called upon the Fantastic Four—basically their only point of contact with the outside world—for help solving a brutal plague that’s infecting the Inhumans in their native city of Attilan, which, at the time, was floating above the Himalayas.

Turns out the Inhumans were beginning to suffer from the same issue that had forced Crystal to leave the Fantastic Four and return to Attilan in Fantastic Four #105: namely, the growing pollution in Earth’s atmosphere, which was becoming fatal to Inhumanity. Reed offered to develop a drug that would help the Inhumans survive on Earth—but it wouldn’t cure the condition, only keep it at bay. Instead, the Inhumans decided to go with a more drastic idea, which is, you guessed it, going to the goddamn moon.


With the help of the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans dump Attilan on the Blue Side of the Moon, an area of the moon with an artificial environment (created by the Skrulls) that is also, conveniently, home to the citadel of cosmic superbeing Uatu the Watcher. The city lands successfully, people start recovering from the plague, and Crystal gives birth to her and Quicksilver’s child, Luna, named after their new home.

[Additional reporting by Charles Pulliam-Moore.]

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Because they were originally whalers on the moon who carry a harpoon and tell tall tales while singing a whaling tune?