Here's Who Andy Serkis Will Be Playing In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Who is Andy Serkis playing in the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens? Well, it turns out that when Annie Leibovitz photographed the movie’s cast for Vanity Fair, she captured Serkis in his mocap suit, and now that photo and his character’s name have been revealed.

Advertisement shared the photograph above and announced that Serkis’ character is named Supreme Leader Snoke. Upon hearing the name, our own James Whitbrook commented, “Supreme Leader Snoke is a GREAT Star Wars name, by which I mean it both fits the universe and makes me want to break down giggling.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the character design fits with the name. The question for now is: What is he Supreme Leader of?


Head over to for an interview with Leibovitz about her experience photographing the cast and a larger version of her photo of Serkis.

Capturing the Galaxy: An Interview with Annie Leibovitz [, hat tip to sparkin]

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James Whitbrook