Here's Where Captain Marvel Could Have Appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.
Image: Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel didn’t emerge in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until after the third film in the Avengers series all but concluded. However, there were plans, at one point, to bring her in much earlier, and now we have a better idea of what that might have looked like.

This new detail comes courtesy of Reddit, where user TMOTS2099 posted a screenshot from the recently released Infinity Saga MCU box set from one of the collection’s many, many special features. The screenshot shows where Captain Marvel could have appeared—smack dab in the middle of a scene that already exists.

Captain Marvel was originally going to appear in Avengers Age of Ultron. From the Infinity Saga Box Set. from r/marvelstudios


The image shows the gathering of the new Avengers team at the end of the movie, with an extra actress, marked as a Captain Marvel stand-in. Which is a rather graceless way to introduce a brand-new hero to the team, but it would certainly have gotten the job done.

The first shipments of the Infinity Saga box set going out makes this an exciting time for fans of MCU trivia. The massive release will undoubtedly include a lot of tidbits like this, interesting glimpses into an alternate universe where certain things in the MCU happened a bit earlier, and a bit messier. Personally, I like the Captain Marvel entrance we got.

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so should we assume at this point that they will not be releasing a Phase 3 Collector's Edition for those of us who already shelled out for Phases 1 & 2??