The Star Trek Beyond trailer is full of beam-outs, fight scenes and explosions. But what does it mean? We went through it frame by frame, trying to figure out just what kind of mess Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew have gotten themselves into. Here’s our detailed gif-and-screencap breakdown!

Warning: Spoilers in the form of guesswork follow.

Appropriately, since he wrote the script for this one, the trailer starts with Scotty investigating where the sound of the Beastie Boy’s “Sabotage” is coming from. Because we’re already giving shout outs to the first of these reboot movies.


Also, this looks like our cast is trying to get a ship off the ground—and it’s an old vessel that’s been crashed for a long time, not our shiny Enterprise. See how old and beat up things look?

Also, there are readouts about the topology and status of the planet on the ship’s screens.

And we get our hero shots: Scotty, Kirk, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, and Spock are all on this junker.

“It’s a good choice,” says Kirk, who trashed his stepfather’s car to this song.

Lots of different jacket choices at play here.

And why are they trying to get this ship working? Well, a swarm of bombs/ships/somethings have taken out the Enterprise.

It’s shredded, and Kirk can see that as he takes an escape pod away and down to the planet below.

“We’ve got no ship. No crew. How are we going to get out of this one?” Kirk asks.

There’s some fiery devastation here, that doesn’t quite jibe with the way the planet the crew has landed on looks in other scenes. It’s too dark for one thing. It looks like something crashed, though.

Kirk was on his own in his pod, whereas Spock (with a big old burn in his side) is with McCoy. We’re going to get some good old fashioned “McCoy hates Vulcans, and Spock in particular, but in a gentle, grumpy way” banter, I bet.


Lots of ship parts here, too. This whole planet might be a ship graveyard, where any ship that gets too close is downed.

Also alone in his pod? Scotty. We’ve also got a new voice telling us, “We will find hope in the impossible.” It’s Spock.

“At least I won’t die alone,” says Bones. And then Spock is transported away. To which Bones grumbles, “Well, that’s just typical.” Bones isn’t on the bridge of the old ship, by the way? Is this him getting separated? Or just a fun way to torture the man who hates space the most?

Kirk rides a motorbike through some sort of encampment. You know how we all do motocross in the future?

Here’s a totally new character doing a lot of what we see her do in this trailer: Fight.

“This is where it begins, Captain,” says a distorted voice. Could be Idris Elba in his still secret villain role. Looks like the same swarm that took out the Enterprise has made it to some Starfleet outpost. Possibly Earth.

More fighting.

This looks like our big bad and the white woman fighting in the encampment, while the cut to Kirk looks like it’s from back on board the Enterprise. As does the sparking hole in the wall.

This is definitely an incursion onto an Starfleet ship at red alert, with someone in yellow getting tossed around engineering. History suggests Kirk is getting his ass kicked again.

“This is where the frontier pushes back,” continues the voice. The trailer suggests the big scaly alien is the one speaking.

“I know why you’re here,” says the new character, to Scotty. Right before showing him into a dark space filled with cables. Is this the old ship that they fix up to escape? Whatever happens, she’s clearly an ally of our heroes. We’ve seen set photos of a crash set, which could be this ship or the Enterprise.

No idea who this is, but they’ve got prominent placement. It looks like the same character crawling through the flaming, dark rubble before. And the shadow? Could be a ship taking off.

The structures in the background look like the same ones that Kirk does his bike thing through. While we saw Scotty with the white woman, Kirk on his own, and Spock teleported away from Bones, we see Sulu and Uhura are with the majority of the Enterprise crew, who are being imprisoned.

There’s Keenser in the background of this shot.

This looks like the same place as the scene above, and Uhura is separated from something bad happening. Wherever the crew is being herded to, it can’t be good.

And we’re back in space, watching the Enterprise get trashed.

This looks like the end of the fight scene we saw earlier, with Kirk getting to his new ally in time for both of them to be beamed out, instead of falling to their deaths. Kirk is still wearing his motocross goggles. “Okay, let’s never do that again,” says Kirk.


Details on Star Trek Beyond are surprisingly sparse. What we can see from this trailer is that neither Romulans nor Klingons are the villains here. It definitely looks like the Enterprise goes somewhere they shouldn’t, with the ship being destroyed by the swarm of bombs or fighters or whatever they are. And it’s not the only ship to meet that fate, since the surface of the planet is littered with the scraps of old ships.

On the planet, most of the crew (Uhura and Sulu included) are captured. Scotty and Kirk end up elsewhere, and they meet up with the white alien woman, who helps them. Possibly by showing Scotty an old Federation ship which he is able to fix. Spock and Bones are on their own adventure.

The villain has some beef with the Federation’s exploration of the frontier, and this looks like how he fights back. And that’s pretty much what we’ve managed to cull from this trailer. It’s crazy how little has been leaked.

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