Some quadcopters have this cool feature where upon losing contact with its operator they go into an automated Return To Home mode. But as this tragically comic video by Every Angle Films shows, the feature isn't always helpful — especially when a pesky mountain gets in the way.


The team from EAF shot about a minute's worth of beautiful scenery at Arizona's Pinnacle Peak before losing contact with the DJI F550 Naza v2. Using its onboard GPS, it went into RTH mode calculating a direct route from its 'current location' to 'home'. Sadly, a mountain was in the way. Happily for us, a GoPro4 was mounted on top.

The team retrieved the device after its colossal tumble. The GoPro4 lens was damaged, exhibiting a scratch that revealed itself in later videos. The drone's electronics were fine, but the arms and propellers were all smashed up.


Hmm, an object avoidance feature would seem to be in order.

[h/t Reddit via DIY Photography]

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