Here's What Supergirl's New Villain Looks Like and I Demand an Explanation

Image: DC Comics

The CW has released a new photo showing of the costume Supergirl’s big villain for the season, Reign, will be wearing. The costume involves a lot of black, a lot of plastic, and some kind of leatherette. I have many questions


First let’s look at the costume. The new photo, first appearing on TVLine, shows actress Odette Annabelle—who’s been playing the beleaguered single mom Samantha, who becomes Reign in the near feature–in a suit that sure is something! Now, Keep in mind that while we don’t know her deal on the show yet, in the comis she’s a living superweapon genetically engineered by Kryptonian scientists.

Image: The CW

A lot is happening here. There’s the skull insignia which reveals that Krypton had a deeply metal side. There’s the cut of the suit and fabric, which appears to be a nice nod to Kara’s blue supersuit and probably the suit the evil Nazi alt-universe Supergirl will be wearing later this season. There’s the hilariously dinky pauldron which is obviously a nod to the pauldron worn by her comic incarnation. And there’s the metal tip on her braid, another nod to her comic character. Pauldron aside, these are all pretty cool design elements!

But there’s also the cape, which is, like, brown? Magenta? Some shade in-between? And the leather chest plate that was clearly whipped together by a harried costumer maker at 2:00 am the day before the shoot because OH GOD THAT SHOOT IS TOMORROW OH GOD.


More importantly, there is the mask which is part bondage, part Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, and a whole lot of where my questions start. Chief question: Who has made Reign this supersuit? Because presumably this is not a happy single mom trying to be a superhero supersuit. Bondage face crown and skull symbol on the chest do not scream family friendly. Is Cadmus making this? Some evil Luthor? Did the weird cultists on Krypton take a leatherworking course at summer camp?

Or did Reign make this herself? Is this the result of a single mom gone evil getting crazy with sewing machine?


And who is Reign? Is she a mom trying to be a super hero? Or does Reign periodically go to a dark place, apply her mauve lipstick and tear shit up?

Fingers crossed season three answers at least two of these questions.



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