Here's What A Sunset Looks Like From The South Pole

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A setting sun looks a little different 90 degrees south of the equator – and it's one of the last the South Pole will see for the next six months.


Photo Credit: Chet Waggoner | Photo Used with Waggoner's kind Permission

This mesmerizing photograph was captured by Chet Waggoner on March 17. "This is approximately 4-5 days before the sun vanishes below the horizon for 6 months," he tells io9.


Waggoner is a Satellite Communications Engineer for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, where he operates and maintains the satellite systems that provide Internet and phone service to him and the roughly 40 other people currently stationed there. "I arrived here last November," Waggoner tells io9, "and will be here through November 2014."

Here's to a very dark next six months!

See more of Waggoner's photos from the south pole on his photostream, or take a tour at your own leisure with Google street view!


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Cool. Fun Fact: The south "pole" pictured is not the actual, geographic pole. It's a ceremonial pole for photo ops, conveniently placed near the toasty habitat. The actual pole is some distance away, and they move the marker all the time as the ice sheet slides around over the land underneath.