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Here's What io9's Staffers Are Personally Psyched About for 2018

Illustration for article titled Heres What io9s Staffers Are Personally Psyched About for 2018

With the ever-growing enclave of blockbuster movies, groundbreaking shows, and comic book sagas for 2018, sometimes it seems there are new and exciting that get overlooked. We asked io9's staffers what they’re most looking forward to this year, ranging from house-based horror flicks to the latest Star Wars literature. You can check out the video below.

Beth Elderkin, Staff Writer

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams | January 12


Alex Cranz, Contributor

Strangers in Paradise XXV by Terry Moore | January 17


Jill Pantozzi, Managing Editor

Winchester | February 2

Charles Pulliam-Moore, Staff Writer

X-Men Red | February 7


Evan Narcisse, Senior Writer

Black Panther, Rise of the Black Panther | February 16, Available


James Whitbrook, Staff Writer

Pacific Rim: Uprising | March 23


Katharine Trendacosta, Former Managing Editor

Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances | June 26


Cheryl Eddy, News Editor

Halloween Reboot | October 19


Rob Bricken, Senior Editor

Secret Warriors | 2018


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Don’t be excited for Electric Dreams. I’ve seen the first ep and... don’t.

Maybe the rest isn’t laughably rote and dated (don’t even get me started on the generic-role-for-a-female-performer issue), but what an awful start.