Here's What Disney's Pirates Ride Looks Like Without the Wench Auction

Earlier this month, Walt Disney Imagineering announced it was giving the Pirates of the Caribbean ride a much-needed update, removing the Mercado’s Wench Auction showing pirates buying women as wives. Disneyland Paris is the first park to get the update, and here’s a peek at the new look.


DLP Welcome has released a look inside the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Paris. The Wench Auction has been replaced with an auction where male and female residents of the town are forced to turn over their valuables for bidding. The famous Redhead, formerly a “wife” up for sale, has been transformed into a bidding pirate, armed with a cool hat and a shit-ton of guns.

Paris’ new Pirates of the Caribbean ride opens to the public July 24, and the companion rides at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom should be updated sometime in 2018.



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Because God forbid history be accurately represented. Pirates aren’t MEANT to be celebrated or “fun.” They were killers, thieves, and rapists. If you have a problem with the ride, then remove the whole ride. Don’t rewrite history and pretend you doing the world some kind of favor when you can’t be bothered to take a minute to use a historically accurate portrayal of the mistreatment of women as a teaching moment for the kids.