On October 18th, the World Chinese Science Fiction Association held their 6th annual Xingyun Awards ceremony, the highest award for science fiction in China. Liu Cixin, who just earned the 2015 Hugo for best novel, earned a lifetime achievement award.

Launched in 2010, The Chinese Nebula Award is akin to the Hugo Awards, and took place in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The award was voted on by over 40,000 voters.


Here’s the winners of the Chinese Nebula Awards:

  • The Best Novel: (Vacant)
  • The Best Novelette/Novella: The Ravenous, by Zhang Ran(张冉)
  • The Best Short Story: Coming of the Light, by Chen Qiufan(陈楸帆)
  • The Best Children’s Book: The Last Three Nuke Bombs, by Zuo Wei(左炜)
  • The Best New Writer: Zhang Ran(张冉)
  • The Best Book of Original Works (for Publisher): Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House / The Physics in “The Three-Body Problem”
  • The Best Imported Book (for Publisher): Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House / In the Loop; New Star Press / The Book of the New Sun [Ties]
  • The Best Criticizing Work: Science Fiction in the Late Qing Dynasty: the Wild Creations, by Liang Qingsan(梁清散)
  • The Best Editor: Li Keqin(李克勤)
  • The Best Science Fiction Fan: Sun Yue(孙悦)
  • The Best Short Film: (Vacant)
  • The Best Creative Work for Science Fiction Movies: Of Cloud and Mist (script outline), by Wu Shuang(Anna Wu, 吴霜) and Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜), original novella by Regina Kanyu Wang(王侃瑜)
  • Superior Achievement Award: Liu Cixin(刘慈欣)
  • The Most Popular Novel: The Age of Virus, by Yin He Xing Xing(银河行星)

A full list of nominees can be found at the award’s website.

At the same time, the event organizers announced the winners of the Coordinates Awards, a juried prize for shorter fiction. The top winners will be collected into a single anthology. You can see the fill list of winners over on Amazing Stories.

This is pretty interesting to see, and with the recent success of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem, we will hopefully see more of these works translated into English.


[Amazing Stories]

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