Here's The Strain Poster FX Had to Take Down

The full poster is below, but yes: worms coming out of eyes was apparently too much for the stomachs of some people and, after complaints, FX has had to start taking the image down.

Now, the yuck factor may be a selling point of the show as a whole, but apparently some people were not fans of seeing this image while out and about on their errands. I can commiserate, when I saw a billboard of it yesterday, I did briefly think, "That's just distracting enough that some people might crash their cars." Before dismissing that as giving my fellow drivers not enough credit.


Turns out I was right that there was a problem, but wrong about the source of it. According to FX, "We are in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations." Wonder if the one I saw from the freeway is one of them. [via Entertainment Weekly]

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