Here's the Story Behind Travis Scott's Rad Tenet Ending Theme

Can’t be a spy without a boat.
Can’t be a spy without a boat.
Image: Warner Bros.

A theme you probably haven’t heard yet, because the movie has only released in theaters, which, uhh, hm. We’ve talked about that. Let’s just chat about the music today.

Tenet, a movie a long time in the making, has an intriguing ending credits theme. Instead of the normal stately soundtrack clip, Christopher Nolan’s latest goes the route of a good ‘90s movie and has a tie-in song: “The Plan” by Travis Scott. In a new featurette, Scott and the creatives behind the film detail how that song came together.

The connection, it seems, came together thanks to Ludwig Goransson, who thought of Travis Scott when trying to figure out how to put a bit more oomph into the film’s end credits roll. So they brought in Travis, had him see a cut of the movie, and just saw what came of it. It turns out, what came of it was pretty awesome.


Scott’s a talented artist, and this story of collaboration and inspiration is, amidst all the weird theatre-related shenanigans Tenet was involved in, pretty cool. And if you haven’t yet seen Tenet, your time is finally coming: the film hits Blu-ray and digital on December 15th.

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I’ve heard it. In the era when theaters where open. (They’re not anymore, but to be honest, I’m more worried in the crowed grocery aisle than I was in a big ventilated room with ten people)

Anyway, I don’t know how you’re gonna appreciate the soundtrack if it doesn’t turn your insides into mush and drown out the dialogue, anyway. :)