James Gunn is notorious for hiding clever, fantastic Easter eggs in his two Guardians of the Galaxy of the films. Gunn’s always made a point of making the inside jokes incredibly difficult to find, but the director recently revealed the reason some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's best gags are impossible to spot: They were straight up cut out of the film.

Gunn took to his personal Facebook account today to share pictures from the second Guardians set explaining how the film’s crew transformed a street in Atlanta into the Missouri setting Peter Quill’s mother and father once spent time together in. Said Gunn:

In addition to the Simon Williams movie posters I posted online a while back, we also had all of these cool businesses - each named after an Marvel Comics artist or writer important to Guardians lore, or after something in the Marvel Universe itself.


Each of the storefronts Gunn shared photos of prominently feature the names of various creators who have in some way help shaped the Guardians over the nearly five decades since they were first created. The building below, for instance is named for Bill Mantlo, the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon who suffered a traumatic brain injury back in 1992.

The question now is what other Easter eggs Gunn might have cut—and whether they’re the same ones he keeps insisting that fans haven’t found yet.

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