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The producer behind low-budget horror hits like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, and this week's Unfriended has yet another scary movie in the pipeline, evocatively titled The Gallows.

In our list of the year's science fiction and fantasy films, we noted The Gallows, which comes out July 10, as follows:

This is a low-budget supernatural horror movie from a couple of filmmakers who posted test footage from it on YouTube and won the attention of producers, including microbudget horror czar Jason Blum. All we know is, it's set in high school and involves students trying to restage a play that caused a tragic death 20 years earlier.


As you can see from the teaser below, that plan appears to go horribly awry (should have stuck with Guys and Dolls, kids!) And yep, this is yet another "found footage" horror movie, though Blum said at WonderCon that filmmakers Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing use the form effectively: "These guys found an organic way to scare people."

The trailer doesn't offer much to go on other than one jump scare ... but it's a pretty freaky one.


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