Here's The Moment When Continuum Revealed Its Greatest Personal Tragedy

Continuum is in its final few episodes, but the show still has the power to startle us. Just check out this scene from last Friday’s episode, “Zero Hour,” in which Alec discovers the greatest tragedy of his own future self.


Spoilers ahead...

What’s fascinating about this storyline is how it sneaks up on you. We’ve almost forgotten what a bastard Future Alec was, lately, now that we’ve only glimpsed his attempts to set the timeline right by sending Kiera and Liber8 back in time. In “Zero Hour,” the most important parts of the episode all have to do with Alec meeting Annie, the woman who gave birth to his “son” Jason in the future. Jason told Emily, who’s like a billion times more awesome than Annie, that she’s not his mother in the future, and Emily was silly enough to bail instead of realizing—as Alec points out—that Jason comes from a defunct timeline where Alec is an evil corporate overlord, a person that Alec no longer has any intention of becoming.


So Jason tracks down Annie, his own mother, as a young woman, and winds up showing her to Alec. And they definitely have some chemistry together, although Annie doesn’t seem to have that much personality. Alec definitely seems tempted by the knowledge that he married this woman in another timeline... until he meets his own future self, thanks to some time-fuckery, and learns what actually happened to Annie. Future Alec persecuted her until she killed herself, basically. Or, as Future Alec puts it, “I killed her.”

When Alec hears this, he immediately decides his future self did the right thing, sending Kiera and Liber8 back in time to change things. Because it was the only way to fix his own mistakes. He advises himself to go forward with the time-travel project—which means Young Alec is directly responsible for Kiera being stranded in the past, something he doesn’t bother to tell her.

In fact, Alec keeps trying to have it both ways. He seems to think his future self did the right thing by creating a time machine and sending people back—but he also promises, once again, to send Kiera home. To a timeline that can only exist if Alec turns into the bastard that destroyed his own wife. At the end of the episode, with Jason’s help, Alec realizes that the super-soldiers from an alternate dystopian future are building a ginormous time portal, one that can be used to send Kiera home. And he tells Kiera that’s what they’re going to do.

So is Alec lying to Kiera? Or to himself? I can’t wait to find out.

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Ok, I’m definitely ahead of you by one episode. So, I won’t spoil it for you like last week. Although it’s funny that this review was short and missed out on just how Alex came into contact with his future self. In any case, I know this is a very short final season and all subplots have are very limited with time, but I don’t like how Curtis and the traveler have been played out or lack of. But I understand why, considering they have to pick and choose what to focus on. So here’s what else happened that I previously posted: —-SPOILERS—-

Curtis confronts Keira and explains that he is playing all sides to put everything into place for the Traveler. The Traveler came from yet another timeline that was supposed to be the original timeline. He came from the far future where man and technology were perfectly united and he was given the ability to go back in time and observe the lost history but not interfere. When he returned to his own time he discovered that it didn’t exist anymore. He knew something was altered and went back to discover what. That’s when he met the freelancers which weren’t suppose to exist, but they captured him or he allowed them to capture him until he forms a plan to put everything back. But he didn’t explain what changed only that he was determined to put it all back.

Curtis explains that he now knows that the original curtis did die and that his consciousness was extracted from an alternate timeline/parallel universe by the traveler. It was placed into the dead body so that he can help him end the free lancers and escape to start his plan. It went into Fringe territory explaining about multiple universes and multiple you’s. Alex says that’s impossible but Curtis just writes it off that you can’t comprehend the science behind it. Curtis says the plan is that Alex, Kiera, Liber8, Kellogg, the future soldiers, are all being set up for some big “reset” or a dues ex machina deal. Because each timeline that was brought into the show including Kiera’s appear to not be the original timeline the traveler is trying to bring back. There will be an event which, I believe is the last episode, where a choice will be made that will either reset everything to the original timeline we never saw, or destroy everything.

Alex doesn’t believe it and tries to leave, but the Traveler appears out of nowhere....more like out of the bushes like a creepy perv and touches Alex that suddenly transports him to a white room where he confronts his future self from Kiera’s timeline. It appears future Alex has an idea about how to fix the problems he created, but it’s actually Alex from the altered timeline in the past that convinces him to go for it, that time travel is possible and you can alter destiny or fix the mistakes. Alex realizes that it wasn’t future him that started all this, but himself, which then goes into a montage of the show of how it all started because of Alex telling his future self to proceed with the plan. Alex wakes up from that believes Curtis version and wants to help Kiera set it all back right and send her home but doesn’t tell her what happened or can’t remember as he doesn’t know if it was all a dream.

Meanwhile we discover the truth about what future Kellogg is building, which is a massive time portal that will allow a large number of people from that altered timeline to cross over into the past. The soldiers say they’re refugees, but Kiera believes it could be an invading army, and corporate Kellogg discovers that his future self is dying of kidney failure and needs a transplant, mainly himself and persuade Kiera to let him team up with her to stop his future self, because if future Kellogg had only one obstacle standing in his way where he needed to lie, manipulate, and eventually screw over, it was himself. Oh and probably kill to get his kidneys because the show already stated that for whatever reason, killing a relative or yourself in the past wont erase your future self.

That’s about it in a nutshell. At least for the next episode.