Continuum is in its final few episodes, but the show still has the power to startle us. Just check out this scene from last Friday’s episode, “Zero Hour,” in which Alec discovers the greatest tragedy of his own future self.


Spoilers ahead...

What’s fascinating about this storyline is how it sneaks up on you. We’ve almost forgotten what a bastard Future Alec was, lately, now that we’ve only glimpsed his attempts to set the timeline right by sending Kiera and Liber8 back in time. In “Zero Hour,” the most important parts of the episode all have to do with Alec meeting Annie, the woman who gave birth to his “son” Jason in the future. Jason told Emily, who’s like a billion times more awesome than Annie, that she’s not his mother in the future, and Emily was silly enough to bail instead of realizing—as Alec points out—that Jason comes from a defunct timeline where Alec is an evil corporate overlord, a person that Alec no longer has any intention of becoming.


So Jason tracks down Annie, his own mother, as a young woman, and winds up showing her to Alec. And they definitely have some chemistry together, although Annie doesn’t seem to have that much personality. Alec definitely seems tempted by the knowledge that he married this woman in another timeline... until he meets his own future self, thanks to some time-fuckery, and learns what actually happened to Annie. Future Alec persecuted her until she killed herself, basically. Or, as Future Alec puts it, “I killed her.”

When Alec hears this, he immediately decides his future self did the right thing, sending Kiera and Liber8 back in time to change things. Because it was the only way to fix his own mistakes. He advises himself to go forward with the time-travel project—which means Young Alec is directly responsible for Kiera being stranded in the past, something he doesn’t bother to tell her.

In fact, Alec keeps trying to have it both ways. He seems to think his future self did the right thing by creating a time machine and sending people back—but he also promises, once again, to send Kiera home. To a timeline that can only exist if Alec turns into the bastard that destroyed his own wife. At the end of the episode, with Jason’s help, Alec realizes that the super-soldiers from an alternate dystopian future are building a ginormous time portal, one that can be used to send Kiera home. And he tells Kiera that’s what they’re going to do.

So is Alec lying to Kiera? Or to himself? I can’t wait to find out.

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