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Here Are The Men Who Built Star Trek's Original Enterprise

Illustration for article titled Here Are The Men Who Built Star Treks Original Enterprise

This is pretty awesome: A picture of the original Star Trek model, along with the men who assembled it, taken in December, 1964.


The model was constructed by Richard C. Datin Jr., Mel Keys, Vernon Sion and Volmer Jensen (who isn’t in this picture), and has since been restored a number of times, most recently by the Smithsonian.

Since it’s television debut in 1966, the 11-foot model has been “treated” three times – in 1974, 1984, and 1992. The current restoration comes more than 20 years after the last major effort in 1992 overseen by Science Fiction Modelmaking Associates, who also brought you many of our beloved TNG props and models. The 1992 job caused some controversy in the fan community over the paint that was applied. Mike and Denise Okuda, who have been responsible for so much of the look and feel of Star Trek over the years, are consulting on the new restoration project.


You can take a look at some of the restoration pictures here.

[Trekmovie, via BoingBoing]

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