Here's the Heart-Stopping Moment That Changes Everything in Tonight's 12 Monkeys

Tonight’s 12 Monkeys is a huge turning point for the show. I can’t tell you any more than that—but if you’ve been drifting away from the show because you weren’t sure if all this time-jumping was ever going to lead to anything... Well, just watch this exclusive clip.


The clip should be pretty self explanatory. But just for context, this is the moment where Dr. Jones (who’s been protected from the effects of temporal changes by her injections) sees just what Cole’s latest time-jump has wrought. As someone who likes my time travel messy, this is my jam.

12 Monkeys is on Syfy tonight at 9.

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On the one hand, I want to watch this clip so bad. On the other hand, SPOILERS. Why does tonight have to be so far away??? :(

Also thank you for your 12 Monkeys coverage, I understand that recaps aren’t a thing anymore and I have almost accepted it but I have enjoyed your coverage so far this season.