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Bryan Fuller has made such awesome (if oft prematurely canceled) shows as Pushing Daisies, Mockingbird Lane, Wonderfalls, Hannibal, and the first season of Heroes. He also loves scifi in general and Star Trek in particular, which is presumably why he's taking his talents to Syfy for his new series High Moon.


Loosley based on John Christopher's young adult novel The Lotus Caves, High Moon just announced the show's two leads as well as who'll they'll be playing. From The Hollywood Reporter:

[The Office's Chris] Diamantopoulos will play Ian, a chief investigator for the American federal government who has been dispatched to the moon to figure out the cause of an explosion. He's stunned by what he discovers. The character is outwardly the strong and silent type but has a dizzying agenda that helps make him a closeted neurotic. The only person who can access that side of him is his brother, Marty (Sandvig), whose ability to get under his skin has led to a complex and antagonistic relationship.

[Jake] Sandvig's Marty is a convict sentenced to serve time as a laborer on the moon. Passionate about his job, Marty is investigated for espionage and sabotage when a giant blast goes off near an area where he was working. The character finds something he knows is a game-changer and will go to the end of the moon to prove he's telling the truth about its existence.


Trouble? On the moon? Investigated by two brothers, one a Fed and the other a criminal? Okay, admittedly it doesn't sound all that impressive at the moment, but Fuller's track record is pretty phenomenal. I didn't think he could pull of a Munsters reboot either, and then Mockingbird Lane came and was fantastic.

Besides, the 90-minute High Moon pilot will be written and directed by his Pushing Daisies cohorts. Something tells me that High Moon will end up being just fine.

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