Here's the first pics of Doctor Who's new-and-improved Ice Warriors

Every Who-ligan I know is excited about the return of those classic Doctor Who villains, the Ice Warriors, in the second half of Who's seventh season (premiering on March 30th), so I'll assume they'll also be excited to see how these baddies have been updated for the 21st century.

The pics are actually just part of the awesome promo pictures below, in which the Doctor does his best Steve McQueen in The Great Escape impression — if you look closely at the shards in both pictures, you'll see the faces of several of the Doctor's enemies, all of whom are anticipated to be appearing in the remainder of the season. The fine folks at Doctor Who TV were kind enough to blow up the pics of the two Ice Warriors. If you'd like to see the other ominous faces hidden in the shards, you should definitely head here.


[Via Blastr]

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