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Here's the First Image of Lee Majors as Ash vs Evil Dead's Kick-Ass Patriarch

Lee Majors in his Six Million Dollar Man days.
Lee Majors in his Six Million Dollar Man days.

As we count the seconds until Ash vs Evil Dead returns in October, we can gaze upon this first image of Ash’s father, played by Lee Majors. The actor is best-known for his role as the bionic superspy on 1970s TV juggernaut The Six Million Dollar Man, and though he’s now almost 80, he still looks more than ready to rumble.

Illustration for article titled Heres the First Image of Lee Majors as iAsh vs Evil Dead/is Kick-Ass Patriarch

Season two will feature Ash’s return to his Michigan hometown, where he inevitably crosses paths with his father (eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted Majors for a quick second in the recently released red band trailer for season two, amid all the gore and one-liners). In this image, it looks like the senior Williams is prepared to take zero shit from whoever’s pointing the gun in the foreground (looks like it’s probably Lucy Lawless’ character, Ruby). And grooviness apparently runs in the family—just check out that boomstick.


[Comic Book Resources via Entertainment Weekly]

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Eustache Dauger

I don’t want to meet Ash’s dad or explore his home town. Ash requires no origins. Ash just is.