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Here's The First Episode Of The Expanse: 'Dulcinea'

Illustration for article titled Heres The First Episode Of iThe Expanse: Dulcinea/i

The Expanse is set to drop on December 14th on SyFy, but the network has released the pilot episode on a whole bunch of platforms. This is a show that we’re pretty excited for, and this only gets us more excited for December.


In case you missed the episode, here it is:

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This was good. I am pleasantly surprised. Holden doesn’t really look the part – too young – but Strait’s performance was solid. I don’t know what I think of them moving Avasarala’s storyline up to the first season, but every time Shohreh Aghdashloo cashes a paycheck an angel gets its wings, so I can’t complain too much. Miller was always a younger Peter Weller in my head, but Jane does a good job. They got the boxy, industrial look of the ships down without making them look stupid. I also liked the lack of subtitles for the Belter slang; puts you in Havelock’s shoes. And I like that they included Havelock at all, which could be important if they get far enough to cover Cibola Burn.

I’ve only got a couple of problems with it. Amos is a bit too gruff – part of what makes him dangerous is the fact that he’s ordinarily jovial and friendly, until you put a kid in danger or try to hurt the rest of his crew. And I always pictured the effects of the protomolecule being more…icky. We’ll see how it turns out though. I really hope this series makes it. Even though I know I’ll be disappointed with anyone they cast as Bobbie.

(And they might’ve been leaning a little too heavily on the “Game of Thrones in space” blurb with the opening credits, in terms of both visuals and music.)