Here's the DVD Shelf Of Your Worst Nightmares

There are the movies that make it to the theaters, the movies that go straight to DVD, and then there are the movies that bypass all of that and go directly into your worst nightmares. Here are all the worst movies that you never did see, coming to a theater near you never.

Top image courtesy of commenter rxe7en, from this post about an exploding whale.


In response to the call, asking for the dead movie projects you're grateful never made it out of development, there were plenty of contenders. Here's just a few of the almost-movies that will be keeping us up later tonight:

It's A Wonderful Life 2: Live Wonderfuller — justvisiting

Mountains of Madness — "Lovecraftian horror relies heavily on suspense and not showing things," says Egofreaky, "rather letting the audience fill their own minds with the worst possible case.

Superman Lives — the movie, starring Nic Cage, was almost a thing, ConwayCostigan reminds us.

A comedic version of Green Lantern — matthewsimpso, on the never made Jack Black vehicle

Akira — genetix, on the live action version that never made it to the screen.

Want to add your own movies to our little movie shop of horrors or to make a case for why one of those movies doesn't belong there at all? Do it now in the comments below.

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