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Despite being stabbed bunches during last season finale, it appears that Jon Snow’s story in Game of Thrones isn’t quite over. Actor Kit Harington was spotted in Belfast, where season six is currently being shot, and not only do we have proof, it doesn’t look like he’s just there for a cameo.


The proof comes from pictures of Harington actually in Belfast courtesy of Watchers of the Wall, which we’ve heard rumors of for a while. There’s no way to be sure, of course, exactly what he’s filming, but according to the site, this is his third trip to Belfast, which indicates he’s doing a lot more than just filming a funeral scene or visiting old friends. Harington has also not cut his hair, which by all indications he really wants to do but is contractually unable to do while he stars on the show. Obviously this isn’t the most definitive proof Lord Snow will be sticking around—he could just be filming a lot of flashbacks—but I do think the minute Harington is done with his GoT contract he’ll be treating himself to a haircut almost immediately.

As for Harington’s previous statement that Jon is 100% dead, well, I’m pretty confident this is true. It’s just that death isn’t always permanent on Game of Thrones. The real question is this—how will he be brought back to life, and will he be the same Jon when he comes back?


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