Here's the Best Description of the Different Stages of Writing We've Ever Seen

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Hugo-winning author Tim Pratt has a new novella out called The Deep Woods, about two boys who get trapped in a magic forest together. And the author (and Locus Magazine writer) just did an interview, where he came up with the best summary ever of the writing/editing process.


Talking to Henry Herz, Pratt breaks it down for you:

What aspect of writing do you find most challenging?

I love drafting like I love eating ice cream or having sex; I love revising like I love doing logic puzzles; I love line-editing like I love perfectly organizing a bookshelf; I hate reviewing copyedits and the second round of proofreading because by then I’m getting pretty tired of my own words. They all have their own challenges, though.


Charlie Jane Anders is the author of All The Birds in the Sky, which is available now. Here’s what people have been saying about it. Follow her on Twitter, and email her.

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