We're starting to worry about Jurassic World. Spoilers.

Today, Entertainment Weekly had the pleasure of introducing the world to Jurassic World's new genetically enhanced villain. And here it is the Indominus (REAL NAME) Rex in toy form.


The Hasbro toy will be prominently displayed at this year's Toy Fair, and we'll have more looks at this beast. But for now, can we just discuss this weird-ass thing? Everything on INDOMINUS is extreme. It has extreme claws and spikes, and teeth! Sorry, Indominus, you look ridiculous.

And now we're officially concerned as to what the fuck is going on in Jurassic World. First you made the raptors a bike gang, and now this? The scales are starting to tip on which movie has the most ridiculous shit in it, Jurassic World or The Lost World, when Ian Malcolm's daughter gymnastic flippy kicks a dinosaur.


Gif via caragaleblog