Here's Stan Lee's latest sad superhero-based project

Some people get annoyed at Stan Lee's cameos in all the Marvel movies, but not me. Because I know that when Lee is filming those appearances, he's prevented from making the irrelevant, depressing, terrible, generic superhero-based projects with which he's filled the last 20 or so years of his life. Like his latest, the "real-like superhero" "reality competition" web series "Academy of Heroes," whose trailer you can see above.

In "Academy," Lee has gathered a variety of those selfless, foolish and often quite deluded folks who put on costumes and patrol their cities at night, in theory to "train" them to be better "superheroes." But since this is a Top Chef/Top Model elimination-type reality show, Lee's going to get rid of one "hero" per week until he's left with the "ultimate hero" or something. Look, even if you think this show will actually do these people some good - which it obviously will not - it still means only one of the participants will end up "fully trained," while Lee sends the rest of them home to be stabbed to death while trying to stop a mugging or something. (A cynic might also note that anyone who decides to take a break from "fighting crime" to go be on a Stan Lee-hosted web series may be slightly more interested in self-promotion than the welfare of others.)

Honestly, my biggest problem is that Lee keeps calling these guys "superheroes" when, admittedly by the most benevolent of standards, they're just regular "heroes." They don't have any superpowers, and I think "Academy" is seriously missing its niche by not making the show about trying to give these people some superpowers. Honestly, if the contestants had to 1) get a radioactive spider-bite, 2) survive a gamma bomb and 3) had their parents murdered by a mugger right in front of them, I'd watch every single episode.

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Number 3 is too far Rob. Too far.