Here's part one of the astounding Robotech fan flick Valkyrie Project

It's been over two years, but the folks behind Argentina's fantastic-looking Robotech fan flick have finally released more than a trailer. The first 10 minutes have just been posted; there are no subtitles, unfortunately, but who needs subtitles when there are Veritechs and Zentraedi Battle Pods running around?


Admittedly, since this is part one, there's a generous portion of set-up, but if you want the highlight reel: watch the first minute for some Zentraedi action, then 3:50 to 4:20 to see the Veritech, then 7:00 to 9:00 for a Veritech test and to see Breetai addressing the Zentraedi troops.

Given that the live-action Robotech movie is stuck in development hell and the Robotech anime rights are the legal equivalent of a black hole, this is probably the best Robotech anything we'll be getting for the foreseeable future. Much thanks to director Cesar A. Turturoo and writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf for making it, and here's hoping they don't get sued.


[Via Anime News Network]

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IMO, this highlight's one of the epic failures of many classic space operas: failure to observe Newton's 2nd and 3rd laws. Sure, it's epic to have a pocket fusion reactor, but you still need to expel at LEAST equivalent mass to gain momentum. Obviously, you can take much less mass and expel it REALLY fast to gain some equivalent mass. But that's not going to have the explosive force necessary make rapid changes in momentum. I've never seen any evidence that Newton's laws can be avoided. Anyone seen anything?

Oh, and nice fan flick :D