Illustration for article titled Heres Our First Look At emLava/em, Pixars Next Animated Short

You're looking at the first rendered image from Lava, the animated short from Pixar slated to premier next week at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan.


The image appeared Friday in the L.A. Times, where Rebecca Keegan describes the origins of the "seven-minute musical love story" of volcanos "Uke" (pictured up top) and "Lele":

"I thought it would be so cool to fall in love with a place who's also a character," [director James Ford Murphy] said in an interview. "I wanted to make Uku appealing and likable but also look like he's been carved out of lava flows."

...In keeping with the studio's philosophy that short films should advance the technology used in Pixar's features, Murphy and his producer, Andrea Warren, grappled with achieving the sense of scale live action filmmakers derive from a helicopter shot within the world of 3-D animation, where computers can choke on that much visual information.


The short will appear in U.S. theaters in June, 2015, ahead of Pixar's feature film "Inside Out."

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