Arnold Schwarzenegger in the last good Terminator movie.
Image: TriStar Pictures

In a new promotional video from a Hungarian film studio, we get one of our first glimpses at the new Terminator film in progress. There’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. And a cute dog!

So far as new details on the film, it’s a bit scant, but it’s a nice glimpse into the shooting process and the ambiance of the new film, with some behind-the-scenes glimpses at sets and the cast. And there’s a Hummer, which sounds about right. And it’s proof that, yes, this film is still happening.

We still don’t have a lot of info about Terminator 6, which is slated for a release on November 1, 2019, but we do know that it’ll pick up the story from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ignoring the subsequent films, and will feature the return of James Cameron (as producer) and Linda Hamilton (as Sarah Connor, natch.)


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