Here's Our Best Look Yet at Jared Leto's New Joker (and His Sweatpants)

Sure, we’ve seen the Joker’s wild, tattooed form in the Suicide Squad trailer and through David Ayer’s Twitter, but Empire magazine has given us our first full look at Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime—and most importantly, his snazzy threads.

The image comes from the Subscriber’s cover to the December issue of Empire, which has been making its way to subscribers today—and then, inevitably, onto the internet for all to see. Thankfully, Empire proceeded to tweet out a glorious high-res version of the cover:


It’s a bizarre mishmash of a getup—no shoes, Arkham Asylum branded sweatpants, and a fabulously garish purple coat with a matching cane—but I guess it kind of works for this new Joker? It’s sort of a hot mess, as if to represent the general hot-messiness of the Joker as a character. Make of that what you will. Gone are the days of the sharp-dressed lunatic, it seems.

We do know one thing though—if the Joker is splashed out on the front of the new Empire, it means we’re probably about to get a ton of new teases and images from the upcoming movie, as the magazine did for Batman v Superman recently. We’ll bring you more on Suicide Squad as and when we know it.

[Via Moviepilot]

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