Here's Lando Making His Star Wars: Rebels Debut

Illustration for article titled Heres Lando Making His iStar Wars: Rebels /iDebut

The rumors were true! The young Calrissian is indeed coming to Star Wars: Rebels, and's Tim Veekhoven posted this first look at the young gambler/smuggler/scoundrel. Lookin' good, Lando.

That he does! Supposedly Lando will appear in the episode titled "Idiot's Array," which will air on January 19th, but there's no word whether he'll be piloting the Millennium Falcon, if he already lost it to Han, or maybe it's even before the Falcon entered his life. At any rate, he will be voiced by Billy Dee Williams, the one man in the galaxy who can accurately capture Lando's smoothness.

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I'm so happy about the episode title. Every time Dave Filoni saves a piece of the EU, an angel gets its wings. (I heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They live on the moons of Iego, I think...)