Here's Judi Dench as Titania in a Trippy Midsummer Night's Dream [NSFW]

You probably already worship Dame Judi Dench for her many amazing performances in everything from James Bond movies to British comedies like As Time Goes By. But have you seen her wild performance in the trippy 1968 Midsummer Night's Dream? Warning: Possibly NSFW.

Here she is as Titania, wearing what looks like green bodypaint (and/or a bodystocking). Above, you can see her scenes with Ian Richardson's Oberon. Below, her scenes after she's fallen in love with Bottom the Weaver, who's been given the head of an ass:

Also in the same film: Helen Mirren (Hermia) and Diana Rigg (Helena), plus David Warner as Lysander. This film has EVERYBODY in it:

Oh, and playing Demetrius? That's Michael Jayston, aka the Valeyard from Doctor Who, "Trial of a Time Lord."

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I like Dame Judi, but Helen Mirren will always be my 60s Brit crush (and followed closely by Dame Emma Peel.)