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Here is the new TV Flash in all his scarlet glory

Illustration for article titled Here is the new TV Flash in all his scarlet glory

NICE. The position Grant Gustin is in a little weird, so it kind of makes his head look a little big, but the suit itself looks great to me. We still don't know when The Flash will premiere on the CW, but it can't get here fast enough (pun completely intended).


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Angrier Geek

And....they lost me. No geek squeal echoing across the nerdesphere this time. I'm seeing too many useless lines and textures on a costume that's already too grimly dark (see, when they said they'd be adapting Justice League Dark this is what they really meant). The Flash's costume should be effortless and smooth.

Though I do like that the lightning bolts on his mask are not laying flat. Nice old school touch. As Cap fan, that his wings are now just painted on his helmet to match the movie just makes me sad.