Here's how you can spot the twin suns of Tatooine-like planet Kepler-16b

Yesterday, NASA announced that they'd discovered the first unambiguous example ofa Tatooine-like planet ; the planet, Kepler-16b orbits two suns, just like the dusty home world of Luke Skywalker.


And as it turns out, you can actually see these twin suns with nothing more than a pair of binoculars. If you know where to look, that is.

Fortunately,'s Mike Wall has put together a guide on where and when you'll need to look to spot K-16b's twin suns, K-16A and K-16B. He's even got tips on how you can catch a glimpse of the planet itself starting next year, when its expected to pass between its parent stars and Earth — although doing so will actually require a decent telescope, a CCD imager, and a vantage point located somewhere in Earth's Northeastern hemisphere. But you're all up for the challenge, right?


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