Here's How VFX Were Used to Create Jessica Jones' Casually Super World

Jessica Jones is notable for mostly treating powers as the everyday things they actually would be for the people who have to live with them. That doesn’t mean it was any easier for the VFX team to create them.


In this video, we see what Shade did for the series in the form of the composites for certain effects scenes. While Jessica’s jump and Luke on fire are impressive, I’m always happy to see someone wearing a green arm-sock so it can be amputated in post.

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I didn’t like this effect much - her hair went from flailing around her head to perfectly still around her shoulders too jarringly. I think it would’ve been more realistic to make Krysten drop from a chromakeyed step so there’s still some sense of motion when her feet hit the floor.

Also, it would’ve been a darkly comedic touch if she’d landed gracefully but her hair was a total mess. It would’ve added to the ‘real superheroes’ vibe.