Here's how to make a Wonder Woman movie

Today, we got our first look at the new Wonder Woman, wondered (yep!) aloud just what we were hoping to see from her character, and then came up with an idea.


In response to this post looking at some of the potential pitfalls of Zach Snyder's take on Wonder Woman, commenter Daniel M. Clark offered this take on how to make the Wonder Woman movie that we're still hoping for:

Super Man? Spider Man? Bat Man? Iron Man? Captain America? Captain Marvel? (And yes, I know I'm not hyphenating some or combining others, that's intentional). The silly name is the least of the issues with super heroes and yet many characters have had very successful movies. As for her origin, that's been rebooted and retconned so many times there is no definitive origin anymore. That's not the problem, either - the successful super hero movies have never had perfect origin adaptations. They don't matter.

Here's how you make a successful Wonder Woman film: Have a good director, one who can coach a believable performance from the actors. Have a good writer, one who does not take the audience for granted and who understands what the audience wants and how to best be creative with the characters. Have good actors, those who are genuinely interested in the material and how it can come alive.


So, what are you all hoping for with Wonder Woman's story? Do you have a direction you want to see the story go in? And just who do you think is the perfect film-making crew to take on the challenge? Start sketching out your movie plans now in the comments.

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