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Today we asked you to tell us what was the most futuristic thing about yourself, and you responded by telling us about your jobs, your personal tech, and with an idea about just how to decorate the house of the future, right now, from commenter eideticex:

Well my current endeavor with augmented reality using QR codes to pass programs or download links to programs (depends how large the program is). A few examples:

On the wall behind my computer desk is a dual purposes QR code. If scanned with any phone it displays virtual picture frames that go through a slide-show of any pictures that are publicly accessible on my home network. If scanned with my tablet it displays a virtual mess of notes that can be moved around with the standard press and drag gesture.

On the frames of closets around the house are ones which use image detection to determine when you open the door. It displays random monsters poking their heads out, growling and otherwise being monstery. Originally made these ones to play with the kids during a B-day party we hosted, but I think the adults had more fun with them.

There's some in the bathroom next to the stall which open up my favorite news websites.

A couple on the fridge which aggregate prices of things I normally buy into a list to help me figure out which stores nearby have the better deals.

There are a ton of them I stuck to the bottom of random tables at restaurants I've been to which display random lolcats.

Sadly most of them have a habit of crashing phones/tablets. They are just small things I work on when bored to kill some time. Who knew a small sticker printer could be so much fun.


This sounds like a lot of fun, folks! What else can we do with this?

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